Wednesday, February 3, 2016

home wiring of inverter

Methods For Circuiting UPS And Inverter With The Wiring Of House (UPS Wiring)

Learn how to circuit UPS with household appliances like fans, tube lights, energy savers, computers etc. The given methods are also for circuiting power inverters with appliances.

Method No. 1:
Without connecting “output neutral” of UPS or Power Inverter with appliances, and directly providing common neutral of home.
Circuit_Diagram_No_7 - Benign Blog
If the above circuit does not work, take a piece of wire and connect “output neutral” of power inverter or UPS with neutral wiring of home. The circuit will be closed and appliances will start working. Now, if you do this, never ever, I repeat never ever reverse the polarity of input or output or you will not only damage the UPS but also cause the short circuit. So, be careful.

Circuit_Diagram_No_9 - Benign Blog
– Red colour indicates the live/hot/electricity providing wire, and black colour is used for neutral/cold wire. Red arrows are representing terminals of UPS for live wires, and black arrows are representing neutral terminals.

Circuit_Diagram_No_5 - Benign Blog
Circuit_Diagram_No_6 - Benign Blog

Method No. 2:
Circuiting UPS or Power Inverter with appliances by supplying both neutral and live wires coming directly from UPS.
Circuit_Diagram_No_8 - Benign Blog
This is the simplest and straight forward methodology of connecting appliances with power inverters or UPS’. This type of wiring is especially required for those UPS’ which can not work with single line wiring because such UPS’ are designed to disconnect both live and neutral circuits of input inside them when output is switched to batteries backup. If you want to connect sensitive electronic devices like servers, computers, TVs, sound systems, disc players etc, you should prefer this type of wiring, or simply plug in using an Extension Cord.
Safety: Methods described here are for reference purpose only. Make sure you get your UPS or inverter circuited by a trained personnel

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